how to hypnotize someone

Have you ever wondered how to hypnotize someone without them knowing? Contrary to popular perception, hypnosis doesn’t necessarily involve oscillating pendulums or circular mazes. Hypnosis is more common thanone imagines; experts claim that an average person may be hypnotized several times during the day without even realizing it. Before you learn the tricks of how to hypnotize someone, it is important to understand the effects hypnosis can have on the other person.


Effects of Hypnosis

If you expect a hypnotized person to be in a state of trance, stare into nothingness, and agree to your every suggestion and command, you are probably drawing your reference from a sci-fi movie. The reality is quite the opposite. The subjects of hypnosis are often aware – at least partially – of their surrounding and events happening around them. It is a state of heightened alertness and increased responsiveness a person can be induced into, with or without their knowledge and consent. Mostly, people do not feel anything unordinary when under the spell of hypnosis.


How to Hypnotize Someone without Them Knowing?

Practicing hypnosis on another person without their knowledge is commonly known as covert hypnosis. When a person is unaware that you are trying to hypnotize them, it works to your advantage and the results are a lot quicker. In order to succeed in covert hypnosis, you should be able to hold the focused attention of your subject and get them to respond to your suggestions. Here are a few steps that can help you successfully hypnotize someone without their knowledge:


    1.Begin by grabbing the attention of your subject and try to establish a connection with them by way of conversation.
    2.Conversation should be aimed at engaging as many of your subject’s senses as you can. The level of your subject’s involvement in the conversation will determine the speed of hypnosis. Use colorful imagery and vivid description in your conversation for the desired effect.
    3.Your aim should be to overpower and control the person’s train of thoughts to be able to make them receptive to your suggestions.


how to hypnotize someone

Techniques of Covert Hypnosis


Now that you know the various steps of the covert hypnosis process, let’s take a look at some techniques that will help you effectively get a person under a hypnotic spell without their knowledge:


● Hypnotic Language: Hypnotic language may appear to be just your regular small talk on the surface, but it has implanted commands that cause a person to slip into a hypnotic spell. However, it takes rigorous practice and skill to be able to camouflage hypnotic commands and suggestions in everyday conversations.
● Pattern Interrupt: A fair number of human reactions are reflexive responses that have been programmed into our brains and we go about performing certain actions without being consciously aware of them, which is to say that the human mind follows and recognizes patterns. In pattern interrupt technique you draw your subject’s attention to normal everyday activities such as a handshake and use them to cast a spell on the concerned person. Like hypnotic language, pattern interrupt too involves a great deal of practice and expertise.
● Hypnotic Storytelling: Hypnotic storytelling is like hypnotic language technique, but a lot simpler. Its ease of use makes it the best covert hypnosis technique for beginners. Since you are using the storytelling method, you have more freedom to include vivid imagery and colorful words in the conversation, and thus, more scope to embed hypnotic commands.


how to hypnotize someone


Though concept of covert hypnosis may sound complex, it is a simple technique where you attempt to grab and hold the attention of another person using your conversational skills. However, knowing the trick of how to hypnotize someone is not enough; it takes a methodical approach and rigorous practice to be a skillful hypnotic expert or a professional hypnotist.

We’ve seen it many times in movies before: eye-contact, a watch necklace swinging from side to side, and voila! But does hypnosis in movie fiction really work in real life? That doesn’t matter because we’ve broken the magic into 5 easy steps and 5 easy-to-remember keywords, and you may be on your way to become the next Houdini or simply just the neighborhood therapist.
How to hypnotize someone?




It is always imperative to build a strong connection at first. A trust bond must be strengthened in such a way that the subject understands what you are about to do and what you are going to say in the middle of the hypnosis.

Have the subject lie down or sit in a relaxed position. Slowly, ask him if he’s ever undergone hypnosis before. This way, it will help you as the hypnotist to identify which aspect or procedures of hypnosis to avoid so as not to imperil your subject.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis does not reduce people into puppets that can be told to do whatever the hypnotist wills. Telling a person to do something that he will not usually do under normal circumstances will have very dangerous results. Thus, Tell your subject ahead of time that he will remember everything that happened in the hypnosis and reassure him that he will not be forced to do something bad.


how to hypnotize someone

how to hypnotize someone



Talk soft and slowly. Hypnosis will never work in a tense situation. Both of you must be very calm in the state of hypnosis. Tell him to relax his body, then tell him to relax specific parts of his body such as his waist, shoulders, legs, arms, etc.

Hypnosis involves a series of carefully-selected instructions and these are part of it. You don’t skip things to hasten the process. Instead you take it slowly but surely.

If he has loosened up a bit, tell the subject that he has now relaxed to also condition his mind. Tell him that he should relax himself even more until he feels a great sense of relaxation embracing him.



The instructions involved during the process of hypnosis are very target-specific and they are said one by one until a result has been achieved. It works slowly, but again it works surely.

Take note of his body language and his breathing. Gradually make more directive suggestions such as feeling their arms and feel it relaxing.



To make your subject feel all the more relaxed and worry less if he’s doing the right thing, inject positive reinforcement. Every time you instruct him to do a certain thing, follow it with phrases such as “good”, “that’s right”, “you’re doing just fine”, and others. Remember to keep your voice calming and not too over exciting.

Do not scare the subject by inculcating failure in his head and using authoritative keywords such as “must”, “should”, and “ought”.


how to hypnotize someone

how to hypnotize someone



Take note if the subject is ready to awaken from the hypnosis. There’s a right time for this, and then again observing his breathing patterns and body language will do the trick.

By the time you conclude the hypnosis say this in any variation: “I’m going to count until five, and by then you will awaken feeling refreshed, complete alert, and anew.”

Then again, positive reinforcement continues on to this part of the process. For example, tell your subject that he is going to awaken to many exciting changes in his life—some of which have already been presented to him and some which he is still bound to discover. Basically make him feel as though everything will be twice as wonderful once he wakes up from hypnosis.

Here are some signs that will tell you that your subject is/or was in a deeply relaxed state:


*uncontrollable fluttering of eyelids

*flattening of facial musculature

*twitching of legs, fingers, or arms

*depth of breathing

Here are a couple of simple tricks to get you started with the process of hypnosis. You may learn how to hypnotize someone,but remember, hypnosis is supposedly done as a therapeutic process to calm the nerves and ease a person’s worry or grief. Having a subject do something against is moral will could be destructive and dangerous.

how to hypnotize yourself

Self hypnotism is a common practice among a lot of positive thinking people and achievers. By learning how to hypnotize yourself, you can simply take control of difficult situations, overcome fear and greatly improve your self confidence. 

Hypnotizing yourself is easy; you surely don’t need someone to place an object in front of you and whisper some words in your ear so you can go in a state of trance. You can learn to do it yourself and exercise total control of your subconscious. The best time to hypnotize yourself would be in the morning when your mind is fresh, your body is relaxed and you are ready for a full day of accomplishments. It takes about 10 minutes to be in a trance and tap into your subconscious so you can rejuvenate your mind, body and your spirit.


Here are 10 easy steps to follow every time you want to hypnotize yourself:

  1.  Find your perfect spot.A place that is quiet, accommodative and friendly; where you feel safest. This place can be your bedroom, balcony, garden or the gym. While you are choosing a place, keep in mind that you need a place that is peaceful where you can get any distractions because it is important that you are totally relaxed.


  2.  Choose a relaxed body posture.You can either sit up straight with both feet on the floor or lie on your back. Some people may even prefer to sit up with their legs crossed, whichever way your body should be relaxed. To feel more comfortable, you can ware loose clothes and take off your shoes. 


  3.  Prepare your mental state by deciding how long you want to be under hypnosis and what you plan to archive at the end of your session. By setting such goals, your unconscious mind will work on them while you are in a trance.


  4.  Pick a spot and focus on it. This can be a crack on the wall, a picture frame or a tree. Make sure the spot is at eye level so you don’t struggle.


  5.  Take deep breaths from your stomach through your nose. Take several deep breaths while you relax every part of your body.


  6.  Let your unconscious mind take over. You will archive this by taking deep breaths while you are still staring at your spot such that your eyes get heavier until they close. When this happens, imagine all the tension leaving your body from your toes all the way to your head and tell yourself that your muscles are relaxing.


hypnotize yourself  7.  Now picture something and concentrate on it. You can picture a chalkboard with the number 50. As you continue to take your deep breaths, slowly countdown the numbers. 


  8.  Your unconscious mind has taken over your body completely, you are very relaxed and in your own peaceful place. Think of a word to name this place such that, whenever you are stressed you can name this word and connect to your safe haven where there is peace and quiet.


  9.  When ready to come out of the hypnosis, count down from 5 to 1. Once you finish you count down, you will feel energized and a sense of rejuvenation all over your body.


  10.  Relish the moment. Spend some time and collect you thoughts. Enjoy how you feel.


If you practice these steps over and over, you will master how to hypnotize yourself and you can grow a healthier happy life.

hypnotize someoneDo you fancy being a hypnotist? Well, a lot of people out there would like to be hypnotists for many different reasons. Some of us would like to be professionals and to start a hypnotist business somewhere. Others consider being performers on stage, while others think of learning just for the fun of it. Either way, learning how to hypnotize someone can be very beneficial.

There are a few facts you should grasp before trying to become a hypnotist. The most important one is the goal of hypnosis. Actually, the goal is to make someone to relax totally. Unless a person gets to a state of complete relaxation, they will not be open to suggestions, which means that hypnosis will not be possible. So how does one learn hypnosis? Here are some of the easy ways through which you can learn hypnosis:


For starters, you can attend a hypnotherapy school, where they train people on hypnosis skills. There are many such training skills which you can enroll with. Most hypnotherapy training schools do not require any professional background in therapy. Therefore, you don’t need to have been a therapist before for you to enroll. The courses are also quite short. In fact, you can make it part-time if you are busy elsewhere. However, it is important that you run a background check of the school and the trainers working there before you enroll.


If you are not able to attend a hypnotherapy school for any reason, you can still learn hypnosis from home. One way is to get a home study course. This is less expensive than attending the schools. Furthermore, the home study course often comes complete with a training schedule. If you are disciplined enough and you follow the schedule strictly, you can learn all types of hypnosis on your own! In only a few weeks, you can be able to hypnotize another person.

how to hypnotize someoneAlternatively, you can take online courses. These online courses are usually more interactive. They enable you to compare your progress with other people.

If you can find an expert within your locality, then they can act as your mentor. Learning how to hypnotize someone is much easier when you have a mentor. A mentor encourages you to keep learning. Mentorship also has a way of building self confidence, and that is very important. To hypnotize someone, that person must have utmost confidence in you. But the other person cannot have confidence in your skills if you can’t believe e in yourself first.

How To Hypnotize Someone‘You are Sleepy… Go off to a Dreamless Sleep': How to Hypnotize Someone

Remember the story of the Pied Piper? His music was a spell that held the attention of the listener and made him/her dance to the musician’s will. In hindsight from a grown up perspective; the story is one of a master hypnotist who put the listeners in a dreamlike trance. But the method of hypnosis; a sub-discipline in the polemical field of Para-psychology actually has its benefits; especially if someone needs to attain a soporific state. Here is an overview of how to hypnotize someone to sleep.


    Tips on How to Hypnotize Someone 

There are simple tips that you need to keep in mind when trying to induce someone to sleep through hypnotizing process. Read on.

If one is thinking of how to hypnotize someone; it is actually vital to create a relaxing surrounding; first and foremost to induce drowsiness.

One can try candles, use floral or musky scented room fresheners, put on some soothing, light instrumental music before one gets the targeted individual to sleep. This ensures the comfort of the subject who can actually lower their guards and loosen up their bodies. If the defense is too high, hypnosis might never work on someone.

how to hypnotize someoneThe Magic of Magnetic Hands is a technique that is used by hypnosis experts to put one to sleep.

It begins with a movement of a handshake where the practitioner stops midway and touches the face of the subject lightly. The subject is asked to speak slowly while looking at the hands of the practitioner as he or she gradually lowers it.

Then the subject is told in a soothing manner whether he or she is becoming drowsy as the expert speaks.

Then the practitioner raises his hand again to slowly touch the forehead of the drowsy subject (if he or she is not too resistant).

Then the subject is asked to close her or his eyes following the movement of the hands as it brushes past the eyelids.

Once that is done; the hypnotist instructs the subject in a mild yet authoritative tone to go to sleep.

The hypnotist can also suggest the subject to relax her/his body parts such as hands, feet, torso, and stomach over and over again synchronizing it with the rhythm of the subject’s breathing.

It creates the monotony of a trance like repetitive charm, enhanced by the low music in the background.

How To Hypnotize SomeoneOne of the popular methods in a guide of how to hypnotize someone would be the Chevreul’s Pendulum.

There are several ways of doing this. The practitioner swings a pendulum in a oscillatory motion in front of the eyes of the subject and can ask her/him to count numbers in their heads, imagine body movements, visualize scenarios and so on. The process induces an aura of a trance that can make the subject sleep.


This is a brief guide on how to hypnotize someone to sleep. But caution is advised while performing the procedure. The subject is advised to go to a professional if one requires hypnosis. After all, one needs sweet dreams and not nightmares, right?



The world of hypnotherapy and hypnosis has always appeared fascinating. There are many people who wish to learn how to hypnotize someone so that they can use hypnosis as a medium of treating various problems. The principles of hypnotherapy can be used to help people lose weight, know about their past life, quit smoking and so on. Before you decide to become a hypnotist you need to know that this profession includes much more than mere education. Your personal abilities and qualities also play a very important role.


How To Hypnotize Someone● Skills required


Knowing about the skills required will help you decide if you are fit to become a hypnotist, and if the field of hypnotherapy is ideal for you. As an aspiring hypnotist you must have the following skills:


1.Empathy and sensitivity – you need to empathize with and be sensitive to the problems of others


2.A desire to help those in need – various people in need will come to seek your help, and you must always be ready to help them.


3.Patience – you will have to meet different people with different problems, you need to tackle all of them with patience.


4.Commitment – you need to have a commitment towards helping others, finding their problem and helping them deal with it.


If you think you have these skills, you can now get to learn about the educational requirements and konw how to become a hypnotist.


How To Hypnotize Someone● Educational requirements


The requirements to become a hypnotist differ in different states, so before getting to know how to hypnotize someone and before you choose this field as a career, it will be best if you get to learn about these requirements. However, there are certain basic requirements you need to meet to be able to practice hypnotherapy.


1.Complete your graduation – Even though not necessary, yet having a graduate degree in psychotherapy, psychology or counseling would prove to be of great help. Knowledge of these subjects will give you a better understanding of human mind, and thus you will understand the intricacies of hypnotherapy better.


2.Attend a accredited training hypnotherapy school – If you want to practice hypnotherapy you need to be a certified hypnotist, and for this you need to attend a school that offers a proper course. Though there are many online schools that you can attend, going to a proper accredited school with a good background in hypnotherapy training will help you get the right education. Your curriculum should include subjects that train you in visualization and imagery techniques, age regression, and so on.


3.Complete the required hours of education – As per the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, you need to complete a 100 hours study in hypnotherapy to qualify as a professional hypnotist. This process can take six months to a year to complete.


How To Hypnotize Someone4.Get guidance of professional hypnotherapists – Apart from fulfilling educational requirements, networking with professional hypnotists and gaining a proper understanding of the entire process of hypnosis, reading about hypnotherapy as much as possible, and gaining knowledge of the basics of management is also very important.


Just knowing how to hypnotize someone or how to become a hypnotist is not enough, to succeed in this field you have to put in loads of hard work, and be thoroughly dedicated.

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