How To Hypnotize Someone‘You are Sleepy… Go off to a Dreamless Sleep': How to Hypnotize Someone

Remember the story of the Pied Piper? His music was a spell that held the attention of the listener and made him/her dance to the musician’s will. In hindsight from a grown up perspective; the story is one of a master hypnotist who put the listeners in a dreamlike trance. But the method of hypnosis; a sub-discipline in the polemical field of Para-psychology actually has its benefits; especially if someone needs to attain a soporific state. Here is an overview of how to hypnotize someone to sleep.


    Tips on How to Hypnotize Someone 

There are simple tips that you need to keep in mind when trying to induce someone to sleep through hypnotizing process. Read on.

If one is thinking of how to hypnotize someone; it is actually vital to create a relaxing surrounding; first and foremost to induce drowsiness.

One can try candles, use floral or musky scented room fresheners, put on some soothing, light instrumental music before one gets the targeted individual to sleep. This ensures the comfort of the subject who can actually lower their guards and loosen up their bodies. If the defense is too high, hypnosis might never work on someone.

how to hypnotize someoneThe Magic of Magnetic Hands is a technique that is used by hypnosis experts to put one to sleep.

It begins with a movement of a handshake where the practitioner stops midway and touches the face of the subject lightly. The subject is asked to speak slowly while looking at the hands of the practitioner as he or she gradually lowers it.

Then the subject is told in a soothing manner whether he or she is becoming drowsy as the expert speaks.

Then the practitioner raises his hand again to slowly touch the forehead of the drowsy subject (if he or she is not too resistant).

Then the subject is asked to close her or his eyes following the movement of the hands as it brushes past the eyelids.

Once that is done; the hypnotist instructs the subject in a mild yet authoritative tone to go to sleep.

The hypnotist can also suggest the subject to relax her/his body parts such as hands, feet, torso, and stomach over and over again synchronizing it with the rhythm of the subject’s breathing.

It creates the monotony of a trance like repetitive charm, enhanced by the low music in the background.

How To Hypnotize SomeoneOne of the popular methods in a guide of how to hypnotize someone would be the Chevreul’s Pendulum.

There are several ways of doing this. The practitioner swings a pendulum in a oscillatory motion in front of the eyes of the subject and can ask her/him to count numbers in their heads, imagine body movements, visualize scenarios and so on. The process induces an aura of a trance that can make the subject sleep.


This is a brief guide on how to hypnotize someone to sleep. But caution is advised while performing the procedure. The subject is advised to go to a professional if one requires hypnosis. After all, one needs sweet dreams and not nightmares, right?



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