how to hypnotize someone

Have you ever wondered how to hypnotize someone without them knowing? Contrary to popular perception, hypnosis doesn’t necessarily involve oscillating pendulums or circular mazes. Hypnosis is more common thanone imagines; experts claim that an average person may be hypnotized several times during the day without even realizing it. Before you learn the tricks of how to hypnotize someone, it is important to understand the effects hypnosis can have on the other person.


Effects of Hypnosis

If you expect a hypnotized person to be in a state of trance, stare into nothingness, and agree to your every suggestion and command, you are probably drawing your reference from a sci-fi movie. The reality is quite the opposite. The subjects of hypnosis are often aware – at least partially – of their surrounding and events happening around them. It is a state of heightened alertness and increased responsiveness a person can be induced into, with or without their knowledge and consent. Mostly, people do not feel anything unordinary when under the spell of hypnosis.


How to Hypnotize Someone without Them Knowing?

Practicing hypnosis on another person without their knowledge is commonly known as covert hypnosis. When a person is unaware that you are trying to hypnotize them, it works to your advantage and the results are a lot quicker. In order to succeed in covert hypnosis, you should be able to hold the focused attention of your subject and get them to respond to your suggestions. Here are a few steps that can help you successfully hypnotize someone without their knowledge:


    1.Begin by grabbing the attention of your subject and try to establish a connection with them by way of conversation.
    2.Conversation should be aimed at engaging as many of your subject’s senses as you can. The level of your subject’s involvement in the conversation will determine the speed of hypnosis. Use colorful imagery and vivid description in your conversation for the desired effect.
    3.Your aim should be to overpower and control the person’s train of thoughts to be able to make them receptive to your suggestions.


how to hypnotize someone

Techniques of Covert Hypnosis


Now that you know the various steps of the covert hypnosis process, let’s take a look at some techniques that will help you effectively get a person under a hypnotic spell without their knowledge:


● Hypnotic Language: Hypnotic language may appear to be just your regular small talk on the surface, but it has implanted commands that cause a person to slip into a hypnotic spell. However, it takes rigorous practice and skill to be able to camouflage hypnotic commands and suggestions in everyday conversations.
● Pattern Interrupt: A fair number of human reactions are reflexive responses that have been programmed into our brains and we go about performing certain actions without being consciously aware of them, which is to say that the human mind follows and recognizes patterns. In pattern interrupt technique you draw your subject’s attention to normal everyday activities such as a handshake and use them to cast a spell on the concerned person. Like hypnotic language, pattern interrupt too involves a great deal of practice and expertise.
● Hypnotic Storytelling: Hypnotic storytelling is like hypnotic language technique, but a lot simpler. Its ease of use makes it the best covert hypnosis technique for beginners. Since you are using the storytelling method, you have more freedom to include vivid imagery and colorful words in the conversation, and thus, more scope to embed hypnotic commands.


how to hypnotize someone


Though concept of covert hypnosis may sound complex, it is a simple technique where you attempt to grab and hold the attention of another person using your conversational skills. However, knowing the trick of how to hypnotize someone is not enough; it takes a methodical approach and rigorous practice to be a skillful hypnotic expert or a professional hypnotist.

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